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Last Updated: September 16, 2021

Fellow Members,

Back By Popular Demand!
Apparently, many of you have nothing better to do than to read my barely coherent rantings and have been begging for me to return to the weekly emails. Fortunately, saner heads have prevailed and I have been allowed only one opportunity to harass the membership. So here goes:
Here it is boys, the grudge match to end all grudge matches! Red (Team Trimble) vs Blue (Team Verstraete) one more time, for bragging rights and a little cash! Last year, in the Miracle on Grass, Red team stormed back to crush Blue team on Sunday and prevent those dirty commies from ending freedom as we know it. This year, they are back and frothing at the mouth for revenge.
I lobbied hard to have back all of those brave young men who gave their all to preserve freedom and ensure a Red team victory, but I was overruled.
I also wanted back all the old geezers, but got overruled there too. It is my belief that one of the other team captains (I won’t name names) wanted to steal as many of my teammates as possible, infiltrating my team with his cast offs. If you were on my team last year and got kidnapped by Blue this year, I would definitely write your congressperson about this cruel and heinous injustice. If you were Blue last year and have had the unprecedented luck to be placed on Red this year, Welcome to Freedom!
If you did not play last year, I hope you will enjoy what I think is one of the best formats we play all year, even if you are a dirty commie on the Blue team.
As for team uniforms, we are once again all about Freedom! Last year I asked you to dress as if you were the Love Child of Howard Hankey and John Calm, wearing anything but Blue. This year I want you to step it up a notch. Pretend Liberace and Lady Gaga are dressing that Love Child. It was this freedom of expression which allowed us to dominate on Sunday and I am counting on it working for us again. Bonus points for wearing Red.
I look forward to celebrating with all of you and may the best team win, unless of course it happens to be the blue team, in which case I hope they lose.
Phil Trimble
Past President, Red Team Captain and all around excellent writer


Entry for the Players Championship and Men's Club Open tournaments on October 2 are now open. Please check the standings for the Player of the Year. Only the top 20 and ties are eligible to enter the Player's Championship.

Entry for season long Voluntary Pots are still open.

Current standings and flights for the Net & Gross Ringer Pots are now available. Click here to go to Golf Genius page.

Player of the Year standings through the Club Championship tournament are now posted. Take a look and see where you stand in the rankings.

Match Play Participants

The 4th round of Master Senior Handicap and Partner Handicap, as well as the 5th round of Individual Handicap and Senior Handicap ends September 14th.  Again, all non played matches ends in both players being disqualified if neither party contacts the Match Play committee by the end of the round (per Match Play Competition sheet).

The brackets can be viewed here: Match Play Club Portal.

If you have questions or issues with match play, please email or phone Leo Zeggert (Match Play Chairman) at, 720-280-6169.

Tournament Volunteers Needed! Please consider volunteering to help on tournament days. Help is needed with check-in table, rangering, scoring and timing. Time commitment is about 2 hours. Club members other than board members are important in making each tournament run smoothly and more enjoyable for everyone. Indicate your willingness to help in the special requests box when you enter a tournament or contact the tournament chairman.

PayPal Entry 

This year payments for tournaments, voluntary pots, and match play will be online only through PayPal on the website. Cash payments will continue for skins entry only. Here is a link to our guide on how to use PayPal if you are unfamiliar with the process. You do not have to have a PayPal account as noted in the guide.

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Next Tournament

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