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Fellow Members,

The board met today to discuss the first several club events. At this time, the Spring Banquet has been cancelled. Our venue is closed and the Governor has banned all meetings of 10 or more people. We do not see any way to have a banquet under these conditions.

 We had a lengthy discussion about whether to try and hold either of our first two tournaments. After looking at ways to minimize the risk of contagion to our members, we decided unanimously that we could not in good conscience move forward with either the 5 Club or the 5 Man Scramble at a time when businesses are being asked to minimize their workforce and employee interaction and the spread of the corona virus is still on the rise, particularly with the knowledge that a large number of people that have the virus and are contagious are not showing any symptoms.

At this time, the entries for all match play and all voluntary pots are open. The board will be meeting again on April 4 to assess the situation and see if we can begin match play or whether it looks likely that we can hold the Point Par tournament. If things change significantly, we may meet before then as well. We will do our best to keep you posted. Those of you who have signed up for either of the first two tournaments will be getting a cash refund, even if you paid via paypal.

This year, because of the way our software works, we can no longer add players to the ringer pots after the first eligible tournament, which is the point-par on April 25th. You must enter the ringer pots before this date to be eligible.

Also, we are requesting that all match play scores be entered into GHIN hole by hole, so please familiarize yourself with this procedure on the GHIN.com site.
Please visit the tournaments page for descriptions of all of this year’s tournament formats.

Entry is now open for Match Play. Also the Ringer Pots (Gross and Net), Hole-In-One Pot and Eagle Pot are now open for entry.   

The 2020 golf season, for Colorado, will open starting March 15th. Scores made during the inactive season in Colorado will not be accepted for handicap purposes. There are approximately 18 states that have active year-round seasons. If you travel and play in one of these states (or countries) your round should be posted.


GHIN’s website, GHIN.com, is very useful. You can post scores from any computer with an internet connection. GHIN has a free app for your smart phone and is very easy to use.


Starting January 1, 2020 the USGA and five other world organizations will combine to become the WHS (World Handicap System).  Several of the board members will be going to different seminars this off season and will provide information as it becomes available. If you are interested in learning more about this new handicapping system, visit Colorado Golf Association web site, ColoradoGolf.org.  Look under membership and click on World Handicap System.


Phil Trimble, President, The Men's Club at Foothills

Next Board Meeting -

April 4, 2020

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Next Tournament

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1st Round -April 7 thru May 19

Entry opens -March 7

Closes - April 5