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Last Updated: November 16, 2022

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Next Tournament

Fellow Members,

Concerning book monies for 2022

Even though we are limited at Foothills Golf Course on our merchandise the Meadows is fully stocked to purchase items with your 2022 winnings.  

Questions commonly asked about book monies.

Can I spend my book monies at The Meadows.             

Yes, absolutely you can. If you have monies on the books at Foothills you can spend them at Meadows and vice-versa.

How do I spend my monies at Foothills or The Meadows.       

Ask the staff behind the counter to look up your name in our system and they can then find your winnings.

Can winnings be spent next year?   No. Must be spent by November 28th.         

What happens if I don’t spend my winnings by November 28th?  

On November 29th the monies is automatically removed from your individual account and it goes back to your individual club and they then have a limited amount of time to spend it. They (your board)  will use that monies to purchase items for your next event, Spring banquet etc.

Can I special order an item that you don’t have in stock? 

Absolutely,  we have accounts with almost all golf vendors and you can reach out to Teri Reining (our merchandiser) here at Foothills and she can order whatever you need.  303-409-2410

Election Results

President for 2023 will be Phil Trimble and Jim Chesley is President-Elect for 2024. New board members for 2023 are Monty Montgomery, Roger Cambray, James Eisenhauer and Steve Bradley. Thanks to everyone who put their name in the hat for consideration to be on the board.

​Clubhouse Update

Demolition is complete. New construction is underway.

Phil Trimble, President

Next Board Meeting -

December 3, 2022 - 8am

Meadows Clubhouse

See You In 2023


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