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Last Updated: August 9, 2022

Next Tournament

Next Tournament

Fellow Members,

Revised Tee times and flights for the Member/Guest tournament are now posted. Please recheck your tee times. Randy Meyers will be providing free range balls for the field.  We thank him, you might want to do the same.

Entry is now open for the Club Championship tournament on August 19-21. Our policy has been that, in order to be eligible to win the Club Championship or be a Flight Champion, the member needs to have a minimum of seven tournament credits.  However, this year we were forced to cancel two tournaments; the Scratch Match Play and 2 in 1.  As a result, the Board has, for this year only, reduced the required tournament credits from seven to five.

Carts and Time

With the large number of members in the upcoming tournaments, please be especially conscious of your time. Also, carts may be at a premium during these tournaments.  I don't need to remind you to double up whenever possible.

Senior Club Championship and the Young Guns tournament was just completed and Victor Minovich is the Senior Club Champion.  Adding the cherry on the top was the hole-in-one Victor made on #8. Congratulations to net flight winners Wes Clain, Andy Anderson (playoff), David Minary, Barry White and Scott Marshall.


Congratulations also to Joe Tripp for winning the Young Guns tournament. Results and payouts are now posted.

Skins for the remaining tournaments of the year

Skins will be paid through PayPal. Buttons for Net Skins and Gross Skins will be next to the entry button on each tournament page. Do not try to pay for skins at the check-in table.

Match Play brackets are now posted.

All four brackets (Individual Handicap, Senior Handicap, Master Senior Handicap and Partner Handicap) have been updated for the next round and need to be completed NO LATER THAN August 23rd for the current round. ALL matches are to use golf course scorecards.  At the completion of all matches, please text Leo Zeggert 720-280-6169 the results of the match and a picture of the scorecard (so that hole by hole can be posted).  Scorecards must identify the date, tees, and winner with match results.  If you have any questions regarding match play, please contact Leo.

Clubhouse Update

Referencing the clubhouse, a number of people have asked why it’s still standing.  The answer lies first with permitting and Jefferson County. Secondly, a more debilitating issue revolves around Xcel’s inability to schedule the removal of their terminal attached to the building.  Without that, they can't finish the abatement and tear the structure down and start work on the new one.

Mike Sexton, President

Next Board Meeting -

September 3, 2022 - 8am

TBA location


August 13, 2022

Tee Times & Flights (revised)

Club Championship

August 19-21, 2022

Entry opens July 23

Closes August 14

Match Play


Voluntary Pots

Hole-In-One, Eagle & Ringer Pots

Participants List


2022 Tournament Results

Senior CC

July 30-31, 2022

Results and Payouts

Young Guns

July 30-31, 2022

Results and Payouts

Ringer Pot Standings

as of Senior CC/Young Guns tournament

Player Of The Year Standings

as of Just Golf tournament

Golf Genius 2022

tournament results

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