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Last Updated: May 18, 2022

Fellow Members,

The 2 In 1 tournament tee times and flights are now posted.  Please note that checking in, paying green fees, etc. will take longer due to the clubhouse being closed, so plan to arrive a little earlier for your tee time. Consider going into the Pro shop sometime during the week to pay your green fees ahead of time.

Skins for the Two in One Tournament

The Two in One Tournament will be the first tournament of the year where the Men’s Club will not be able to use the Club House due to the start of the construction project. For this tournament if you want to participate in the SKINS games, please print the skins form and fill out the sections in which you want to participate. With exact change in cash, bring this form and payment in an envelope;  drop this entry in the SKINS box at the registration table.

Skins for the remaining tournaments of the year

Skins will be paid through PayPal. Buttons for Net Skins and Gross Skins will be next to the Buy Now entry button on each tournament page. If you have all ready signed up for the President's Cup and want to get in the Skins pots, go back to the tournament page and select the skins pots you want to enter.

The first major tournament of the year, The President's Cup, entry is now open. This is a two day event on June 4-5.

Match Play brackets are now posted.

The second round has been populated for Individual Handicap and Senior Handicap.  All four brackets (Individual Handicap, Senior Handicap, Master Senior Handicap and Partner Handicap) need to be completed NO LATER THAN June 28th for the current round.  Since we have no clubhouse, ALL matches are to use golf course scorecards.  At the completion of all matches, please text Leo Zeggert 720-280-6169 the results of the match and a picture of the scorecard (so that hole by hole can be posted).  Scorecards must identify the date, tees, and winner with match results.  If you have any questions regarding match play, please contact Leo.

New Clubhouse Update

The work on the club house is set to begin about midweek.  This means that we have to be flexible and modify our procedures for upcoming tournaments.  The 2 in 1 this next weekend will require a number of changes and your assistance.  Not only that, but this tournament will have some procedures that may or may not be applicable going forward.

The asbestos mitigation is set to begin precisely on the Monday 23rd. That means that the clubhouse will be emptied starting midweek and the Men’s club will be moving its property out as well.

Because Jeffco has not yet approved the permit to move the trailer on to the site. This also may mean that the pro shop will likely operate out of a tent after this weekend for at least a week.  The pro shop will lose internet and phones Friday AM, so for this weekend the pro shop will be operating on iPads. More on this later.

We will do set-up from the clubhouse for last time Monday. Immediately thereafter we will remove computer and all the tournament paraphernalia from the clubhouse and move the bulk of offsite.

Now for some procedural items. Some of these will apply one time, this weekend, only because we will likely have to adjust when the pro shop gets settled and back online.

Paying Green Fees:  On Saturday, the first day of the tournament could be a difficult owing to the using of iPads, if you can stop by the clubhouse Tuesday or Wednesday or even Thursday and pay your green fees in advance, it would help us come Saturday.

Sign-in and Skins:  We expect to have a table set up to sign-in near the starter shack.  However, we will not have the normal cash drawer for skins.  For this tournament Dan Bradley will put out a form for skins.  If possible, print that and designate what pool you want to get in and put that and the exact amount in an envelope and deposit it a box available at the starter table on Saturday.  If you don’t have a printer just designate on the envelope what pools you want in. 

Posting Scores:  Because we won’t have internet, we will be accumulating score cards after the round and take them to offsite and load them to Golf Genius. There will be a box wherein you drop your cards after the round.  This box will be in the empty clubhouse, but we will advise on Saturday if there is a change.

Pace of Play:  There was some slow play in the last tournament.  As a reminder, please do your absolute best to stay within the matrix and up with the group ahead.

Beverages and Food:  We are unaware of what will be available and where it will be on tournament days. There was talk of added cart or carts.  We will update this as we discover the plan.  However, because of the compressed schedule and lack of a permit, expect to have to be patient.  We trust that any difficulties in this area will be confined to the coming weekend.

Match Play:  Because we will not have a clubhouse, corkboard and area for cards, this will be worked out with the Match Play Committee and they will advise how this will be managed and tracked going forward.

Please bear with us as we adapt to changes emanating from this project.  And, we thank you for your participation and understanding.


Howard Hankey’s wife, Susan, has planned an Open House to celebrate Howard’s golfing-life with Men’s Clubs friends and family.  

To all of his Foothill’s and Meadow’s friends, please mark your calendars for June 23, 2022.  The celebration will be from 4PM to 7PM at the Homestead Patio. 

Please join Susan and Howard’s many golfing buddies and family for drinks and light snacks.

Susan will have a silent auction of much of Howard’s golf equipment to support Howard’s favorite charity supporting troubled youth through sport.

Please, plan on stopping by.

Mike Sexton, President

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