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2023 Season-Long Ringer Pots

Entry closed

Conditions of Competition


This is a season-long Pot game.  There is a Gross Ringer Pot and a Net Ringer Pot.  You may enter either one or both of these Pot games.  The Gross Ringer Pot and Net Ringer Pots will be divided into flights depending upon the number of entrants and handicaps.  The Tournament Committee uses Golf Genius to determine the flights.

There is a $15.00 entry fee for each Ringer Pot entered.  Entry for both Gross and Net Ringer games closes April 14th, 2023.  No entries will be accepted after that date.  Placement in the Gross and/or Net Ringer Pot flights is determined by Home Course Handicap as of the date of flights set up.  Your Ringer Score will start April 15th.  There are 17 possible play dates through the season. You do not have to play in all tournaments, but the more you play the better your opportunities to post the lowest Ringer score.

The eligible tournaments will be tracked using the Golf Genius, and include:

  • 2 Man Best Ball (one round)

  • Two In One (two rounds)

  • Point Par (two rounds)

  • Presidents Cup (two rounds)

  • Heaven & Hell (one round)

  • Member/Member (two rounds)

  • Senior Club Championship (two rounds) or

  • Young Guns (two rounds)

  • Member/Guest (one round) - Member Only

  • Club Championship (three rounds)

  • Lone Wolf (one round)

  • Men’s Club Open (one round) or Player’s Championship (one round)


Tournament Rules:

There will be no changes to the flights once the flights have been set.  However, if a member is new to the Club and without a previous Index/Course Handicap or enough valid scores, Ringer scores would be recalculated to the proper flight(s) midway through the season.

All postings of scores throughout the season will apply the applicable Home Course Handicap in effect at the time of the tournament and no future adjustments to prior scores will be made thereafter. 

Course Handicap and Tees will be assigned per the Rules of Competition for each included tournament.  Scores will be entered for each tournament day played.  You must complete a tournament round to get credit.



Your Ringer Score is the lowest score from each hole from all eligible tournaments resulting in an 18-hole score for the year.  For example, in the gross pot: if you score a gross “4” on Hole #1 on one tournament day and gross “3” on that same hole on a different tournament day, a “3” is your Gross Ringer Score for Hole #1.  An example in the net pot would be: if you score a net “4” on Hole #1 on one tournament day and a net “3” on that same hole on a different tournament day, a “3” is your Net Ringer Score for Hole #1.


Tournament Payout:

All ties will result in Co-Winners and place money will be split evenly. Winners in all flights will be paid out in “Cash” at the Fall Banquet, using Club Payouts Schedule A. The number of participants in each Ringer Pot flight will determine the number of places paid.


Net Ringer Flights


Gross Ringer Flights

Competition Sheet pdf file

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