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5 Club Icebreaker


March 16, 2024 


Entry Fee: $16.25

Entry Opens: Feb. 17

Entry Closes: March 10

Tournament Committee:

James Eisenhauer (Chair, 303-257-6877), Roger Cambray (720-239-8747), Tom Bear (303-594-3530)

Please note: All correspondence regarding this tournament must go through the Tournament Committee.

Entry Deadline: Sunday, March 10th. (Absolutely no late entries will be accepted after the PayPal window is closed. Late entries will be added to a wait list, and contacted if there is an opening within your flight.)


This is a one-day, 18-hole Flighted Individual Net Stroke Play Tournament using 100% of Home Course Handicap on the Executive-9 Course, and 60% of the Executive-9 Handicap on the Par 3 Course. Home Course Handicap is as of the date of tournament set up.

All flights play from the same tees: the Back Tees on the Par-3 Course and the White Tees on the Executive-9 Course.

Tee markers will be set at the corresponding yardage per the scorecards.

Players select any five (5) clubs and remove all other clubs from their bag. The five clubs chosen are the only clubs used for the entire round. There is no sharing or changing of clubs at any time during the tournament. (Please leave all clubs not in use at home to avoid any confusion or rules violations.)


The Par-3 nine-hole total plus the Executive-9 nine-hole total determines each player’s 18-hole tournament score.


In the event of a tie for first place, Co-Champions will be declared. All ties will result in the place monies being split evenly. There will not be a playoff for this tournament. Scores for this event are not eligible for posting for USGA Handicap purposes.


Fewest Putts game on the Par-3 Course. Entry will be $5.00. Each player will count their putts on each of the 9 holes on the Par 3 course. Only strokes on the green count as putts; using a putter from the fringe or fairway does not count as a putt. At the conclusion of play, the lowest aggregate putt total(s) for the Par 3 course will determine the winners, who will share the prize pool.

A minimum of two winners will be paid. If two or more tie for fewest putts, they share the pool equally; if just one player has the fewest putts, he will receive 50% of the pool, and any players tied for 2nd lowest putt total will receive an equal share of the rest. (If just one player has 2nd fewest putts, he also receives 50% of the pool.)

Flighted Net Skins (Executive Course only). Entry will be $5.00. If there are “No Skins Out”, the competition reverts to a Best Skins format.

Note that these voluntary games will be collected when you sign up online, via PayPal. Remember also that the check-in table will close 30 minutes before the club’s final tee time; please arrive early enough to pick up your scorecard.



Closest to the Flagstick: Executive course Holes #5, #7 and #9, and Par 3 course holes #6 and #8. (Gift Cards will be valued at $30.00)

Individual payout: “Money on the Books”, using Tournament Payout Schedule A for all flights.

General Tournament Information

Competition Sheet pdf file

Note: Click on arrow on right side of box below to see all entry options.

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