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Updated July 22, 2024

Fellow Members,

Member/Member tournament was successfully completed despite the record temperatures. Congratulations to the winning teams of  Eisenhauer & Kemp, Harbaugh & McBride, Burroughs S. & Burroughs J., Balfanz & Zimmerman, Schneider & Owens, Marshall & Ulmer.

Results and payouts are now posted.

Upcoming Tournaments:


Just a few reminders for the rest of the season:


· Skins will no longer be collected via PayPal; money will be collected at the check-in table going forward. Please make a note that the check-in table will close 30 minutes prior to the last tee time and no skin money will be collected after the table has been closed.

· For future 2-day tournaments you can now pay for both days in advance, it may be a little slower at check in on Saturday but please pay for both days from now on.

· After completing your round(s), we have permission to occupy the space behind the partition just north of the main seating for the restaurant, there will be wait staff to handle food and drink orders for the Men's Club, just let the hostess know that you are with the Men's Club.

· Remember to enter all your casual round scores into GHIN on the same day whenever possible and enter scores hole by hole so GHIN can calculate the most current equitable stroke index. Also please enter all your 9 - hole scores and any rounds that were not completed for whatever reason using the hole-by-hole method of entering these scores into the GHIN system – GHIN has a new method of calculating these types of scores to better reflect your handicap.

· Gift Cards will no longer be awarded but the money will be added to your Member Sports account for you to redeem whenever you would like and as always that credit is good for rounds of golf and any other merchandise. Money on the Books for tournament winnings will also be added to your account and can only be used for Pro Shop merchandise. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Staff or any of the BOD and they will be happy to answer your questions.


Match Play:

Third Round closes August 20. 

  • 2024 Match Play Brackets:  Master Senior Handicap, Senior Handicap, Individual Handicap and Partner Handicap brackets of 32 are published and ready for play.  It is your responsibility to check the bracket(s) for your matches and complete them before the round due date.  Please use the Membership Book (PDF sent via email) for contacting your competitor to schedule your match.  ALL matches are to use golf course scorecards.  At the completion of all matches, please text Leo Zeggert 720-280-6169 the results of the match and a picture of the scorecard (so that hole by hole can be posted).  Scorecards must identify the date, tees, and winner with match results.  DO NOT post your score(s) to GHIN. All scores are posted by the Committee only, as promptly as possible.  If you have any questions regarding match play, please contact Leo. 


Rules Update:

   •  The 2024 course rules have been updated. Please read!


Cart Usage:

  • Please do your best to pair up during tournaments in carts. It is a Foothills policy to charge full price of a cart if you feel the need to ride alone, it will cost $30 for 18 holes. Let’s do our best as a Club to follow these policies and make sure there are enough carts to go around.


Voluntary Pots:

Hole in One and Eagle pots are open. Ringer Pots are closed.

Membership Conduct:

I just want to put out a note to always be respectful to all the Foothills Staff (Pro Shop, Cart Attendants, etc.) as well as all your fellow competitors. Conduct unbecoming of the Club will not be tolerated and may result in suspension and possibly expulsion from the Club.

Looking forward to sitting down and getting to visit with everyone in our new clubhouse.


Your President,

Jim Chesley

Next Board Meeting -

August 3, 2024 - 8am

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