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4 Man Scramble


March 30, 2024

Alternate Date - April 13 


Entry Fee: $13.25

Entry Opens: March 2

Entry Closes: March 24

Tournament Committee:

Chris Barela (Chairman) 303-748-9433, Patrick DiNapoli 303-257-0715, James Eisenhauer 303-257-6877

Please note: All correspondence regarding this tournament must go through the Tournament Committee.

Entry Deadline: Sunday, March 24th (Absolutely no entries will be accepted after the PayPal window is closed. Late requests will be added to a wait list, and contacted if there is an opening within your flight.)


This is a one-day, 18-hole Team Tournament. Each team competes for the best single score after 18 holes. Teams consist of 4 players, an “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”. Each team must have at least Three players prior to the first tee; teams with

less than three do not qualify for the tournament and are refunded their entry fees. (Special instructions for teams with three players are on the back.)

1) Players A, B, C, and D play from their designated tees as noted on the scorecard. All members of the team play the second shot and thereon until a ball is holed. Each player’s tee shot must be used at least once on the Front 9

and at least once on the Back 9.

2) With the approval of the other team members, the A player selects the best shot on each hole. (Note: All balls are lift, clean and place.)

3) Except for on the green and in all hazards, the team is allowed no more than one club length, no closer to the hole, to play their next shot. The club length cannot substantially change the conditions of the lie of the original shot, i.e.

you cannot drop or place onto the green, get in or out of a bunker, get out of the native into the rough, or get out of the rough into the fairway. Team members are allowed to rake the sand after each shot in a bunker.

4) On the green, the team is allowed to place the ball no farther away than a standard golf pencil, no closer to the hole. For this event only, team members may stand on the line of the putt. (Rule 23.8 does not apply.)

5) First ball holed becomes the team score for that hole. (Example: on the fourth green, after the ball has been selected for the attempted putt, the first player to putt holes out, the team’s score is 2. If any player makes an attempt, misses and taps in, the team score will be 3 for the hole, forfeiting other attempts at the putt that have not been taken.)

6) At the end of each hole, the A player is responsible for recording the team score and the tee shot used, and signing the scorecard at the end of the round. There is only one Gross score per hole. (No handicaps are applied.)

To speed up play, once a ball is holed, pick up and proceed to the next hole.


In the event of a tie for first place, Co-Champions will be declared. All ties will result in the place monies being split evenly. There will not be a playoff for this tournament. Scores for this event are not eligible for posting for USGA Handicap purposes.


When you sign up online, a voluntary $5.00 is collected from each team member wishing to enter a Gross Over the Field Skins Game. In the event of “No Skins Out”, the competition reverts to the Best Skin Format. Any member of a team that does not enter is excluded in any payout.

Note that these voluntary games will be collected when you sign up online, via PayPal. Remember also that the check-in table will close 30 minutes before the club’s final tee time; please arrive early enough to pick up your scorecard.


Club Pace of Play and Lightning Policies are in Effect!

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Teams with Three Players

Each team must have at least Three players prior to the first tee. If a player is missing, the following procedure applies:

1) If the A player is missing, the B player plays two balls on each hole from the B player’s designated tee.

2) If the B player is missing, the A & C players alternate playing two balls on each hole from their designated tees.

3) If the C player is missing, the B & D players alternate playing two ballson each hole from their designated tees.

4) If the D player is missing, then the C player plays two balls on each hole from the C player’s designated tee.

5) Shots played as the second ball are invalid for the Hole-in-One and Closest-to-the-Flagstick contests.


Closest to the Flagstick: Holes #4, #8, #13 and #17 (Gift Cards are awarded.)

Team Payout: “Money on the Books”, using Tournament Payout Schedule A. The number of teams determines places paid.

General Tournament Information

Competition Sheet pdf file

Note: Click on arrow on right side of box below to see all entry options.

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