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General Conditions of Competition


The Rules of Golf as issued by the USGA govern play, along with Local Rules as

applicable in the Club’s “Hard Card”. See the information sheet for each

tournament for additional Conditions of Competition. Violations are addressed by

the Tournament Committee in cooperation with the Rules Committee.

The Tournament Committee uses Golf Genius to determine Flights and Pairings.

Home Course Handicap is as of the date of tournament set up. For team events,

teams will be created by pairing members within the flights. The Tournament

Committee makes every effort to create Flights and Teams with the least amount of

Handicap differential possible.

Tees to be utilized will be set by the committee based on the number of participants

and flights, observing any tee preferences declared prior to the first tournament. If

a player declared a preferred tee, they will play from that tee for every tournament,

including Scrambles and Club Championship(s).

Club Pace of Play and Lightning Policies are always in Effect!

All entry fees will be paid using PayPal, via a link from our web site – the only

method of payment available. Entry fees for any voluntary games may only be paid in cash (except any tournament happening before new clubhouse is open, which will be collected online) at the check-in table, the first day of the tournament. The check-in table will close 30 minutes before the club’s final tee time; late arrivals will not be able to enter any of the voluntary games.

When appropriate, all scores are posted by the Committee for USGA Handicap

purposes, with applicable Adjusted Gross Score applied. For those events, each

player must hole out.

The number of participants in each flight determines places paid.

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