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September 14, 2024

Entry Fee: $16 per person        Entry Opens: August 17            Entry Closes: September 8

Tournament Committee:

Monty Montgomery (Chair, 303-829-6979), Roger Cambray (720 219-8747), Tom Bear (303 594-3530)

Please note: All correspondence regarding this tournament must go through the Tournament Committee.

Entry Deadline: Sunday, September 8th, 2024. (Absolutely no entries will be accepted after the PayPal window is closed. Late requests will be added to a wait list, and contacted if there is an opening within your flight.)


Pick Nine is a one-day, 18-hole, Flighted, 2-Player Net tournament using 100% of Home Course Handicap. Each Team shall consist of a member and a guest with a verifiable GHIN Handicap. The Home Course Handicaps are as of the date of

tournament set up.

In this format, each player completes a standard round of golf from their designated tees. Each player must hole out on each hole. After the round is completed, choose nine different holes per player to determine the best 18-hole Net ream score;

players may not choose the same holes as their partner (i.e., each hole must be chosen by one player, each player must choose nine holes, and no hole may be chosen twice).


Each member will record the other team’s Gross scores (in accordance with club policy, no member shall keep their own scorecard). After the round, teams exchange cards and calculate their own Net scores and determine the Pick Nine scores.


In the event of a tie for first place, Co-Champions will be declared. All ties will result in the place monies being split evenly. There will not be a playoff for this tournament. All scores are posted by the Committee for USGA Handicap purposes, with applicable Adjusted Gross Score applied.


Flighted Net Team Skins. Entry will be $5.00 per player, $10.00 per team. If there are “No Skins Out”, the competition reverts to a Best Skins format.

Entry fees for these games are voluntary, and may only be paid in cash, at the check-in table, the first day of the tournament. The check-in table will close 30 minutes before the club’s final tee time; late arrivals will not be able to enter any of the

voluntary games.


(Pots are active only for club members)


Closest to the Flagstick: Holes #4, #8, #13 and #17 ($50 Foothills account credits are awarded.)

Individual payout: “Money on the Books”, using Tournament Payout Schedule A.

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