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Ryder Cup

October 14-15, 2023


Entry Fee: $26

Entry Opens: September 16

Entry Closes: October 8

Tournament Committee: Steve Bradley (Chairman); Patrick DiNapoli, Leo Zeggert

The Rules of Golf as issued by the USGA govern play, along with Local Rules as applicable in the Club’s “Hard Card”. See below for additional Conditions of Competition. Violations are addressed by the Tournament Committee in cooperation with the Rules Committee.


This is a two-day, 36-hole, Non-Flighted Team Net Match Play tournament using 100% of Home Course Handicap, as of the date of tournament set up. The Tournament Committee uses Golf Genius to determine teams and pairings.

The field is divided into 4 equal groups by Handicap Index (HI): Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D. The groups are further divided into Team Trimble (Red) and Sexton (Blue), using the nearest equal distribution of combined Handicap Index (HI).

Tees to be utilized will be set by the committee based on the number of participants and flights.

Saturday matches –

Red Team A/B vs. Blue Team A/B; and Red Team C/D, vs. Blue Team C/D.

With 100% CH applied, wheel off lowest CH in group. Team members may give advice to one another.

● The front 9 is a 2-man scramble, worth 1 point for the winning team, or ½ point for a tie.

● The back 9 is a 2-man best ball, worth 1 point for the winning team, or ½ point for a tie.

Sunday matches –

Red Team A vs. Blue Team A; Red Team B vs. Blue Team B.

Red Team C vs. Blue Team C; Red Team D vs. Blue Team D.

With 100% CH applied, wheel off lowest CH in each match.

● Each individual match is worth 2 points for the winner, 1 point for a tie. Each team member plays his own ball.

The Team with the most cumulative points on Sunday wins. In the unlikely case of a tie, it is broken in a random draw scorecard playoff of Sunday’s matches. See Scorecard Playoff Procedure below.

All scores are posted by the Committee for USGA Handicap purposes, with applicable Adjusted Gross Score applied.


All entry fees will be paid using PayPal, via a link from our web site – the only method of payment available.

There are no Skins for this tournament.

Hole-in-One Pot – Active          Ringer Pot – In-Active

Eagle Pot – In-Active for Saturday’s Front 9 Scramble

Eagle Pot – Active for Saturday’s Back 9 2-Man Best Ball*

Eagle Pot – Active for Sunday’s Individual Matches*

*Eagle Pot payout only for holed out scores, not conceded.

Club Pace of Play and Lightning Policies are in Effect!


Closest to the Flagstick each day: Holes #4, #8, #13 and #17 (Gift Cards are awarded.)

Individual Payout: “Money on the Books” for each member of the winning team.

There will also be a cash payout for the winners of each match. In the event of a tie, the payout will be split equally. The payout amount will be determined by the number of participants.


A non-stakeholder (Pro Shop staff/pro) selects an individual scorecard randomly from Sunday's round to determine the winning team from the selected individual match (Red A vs Blue A, Red B vs Blue B, Red C vs Blue C, or Red D vs. Blue D).

If the selected game had a winner, then that team is deemed to be the winning team.

If the selected game was a tie, then whatever team was the first team to go up over the other, starting with the first hole is deemed to be the winning team.

Competition Sheet pdf file


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