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July 13-14, 2024

Entry Fee: $26 per member

Entry Opens: June 15

Entry Closes: July 7

Tournament Committee: 

Phil Trimble (Chair, 303-514-2363), Jim Chesley (303-475-0260), Chris Barela (303-748-9433)

Please note: All correspondence regarding this tournament must go through the Tournament Committee.

Entry Deadline: Sunday, July 7th, 2024. (Absolutely no entries will be accepted after the PayPal window is closed. Late requests will be added to a wait list, and contacted if there is an opening within your flight.)


This is a two-day, 36-hole Flighted Team Tournament. The Tournament Committee uses Golf Genius to determine Flights and daily pairings. Home Course Handicap is as of the date of tournament set up. Each team consists of 2 players. Club members may select any active member in the Club as their partner. If a member enters as a single, the Tournament Committee will attempt to pair the member with another Club member.


If a team is missing a player, the remaining player may play alone for both nines on Saturday, and the front nine on Sunday. If a team has only one player for the back nine on Sunday, that team will forfeit.

Saturday Front nine will be two-man scramble; scoring will be gross, no handicap.

Back nine will be two-man best ball using 100% of Home Course Handicap.

Sunday Front nine will be two-man best ball using 100% of Home Course Handicap.

Back nine will be two-man alternate shot using 50% of Combined Handicaps. Before teeing off on number ten, each team will designate one player to tee off on even numbered holes and the other on odd numbered holes. After the player hits the tee shot, his partner will hit the next shot. Players will alternate shots until the ball is holed. Both players may hit a tee shot on holes 13 and 17 to participate in the hole-in-one pots and closest to the pin. However, you may only use the tee shot of the player who was designated to tee off on odd numbered holes for the tournament score.


A Sudden Death playoff decides all ties for first place. Playoff holes are determined by the Tournament Committee based on course availability. Players are responsible for knowing the likelihood of a playoff; failure to be present for the playoff results in relinquishing first place for second place. All other ties are co-winners and the place money is evenly split.

All scores are posted by the Committee for USGA Handicap purposes, with applicable Adjusted Gross Score applied.


Flighted Net Team Skins. Entry will be $10.00. Any individual who does not enter is excluded from any payout. If there are “No Skins Out”, each competition reverts to a Best Skins format.

Player’s Pool:

We will have a Player’s Pool this year. Each team may purchase their team for $150. Teams that do not buy themselves will not participate in the Player’s Pool. Teams missing a player are not eligible for the Player’s Pool.

Entry fees for these games are voluntary, and may only be paid in cash, at the check-in table, the first day of the tournament. The check-in table will close 30 minutes before the club’s final tee time; late arrivals will not be able to enter any of the voluntary games.

HOLE-IN-ONE POT - Active           EAGLE POT – Active*        RINGER POT – Inactive

* only for the best ball portion


Closest to the Flagstick each day: Holes #4, #8, #13 and #17 ($50 Foothills account credits are awarded.)

Team Payout: “Money on the Books”, using Tournament Payout Schedule A.

General Tournament Information

Competition Sheet pdf file

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