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President's Cup


May 30-31, 2020

Final Results




Net Skins

Gross Skins

Closest to the Pin

Hole  #4  Jim Wieger

Hole  #8  Steve Ford

Hole #13  Rich Evans

Hole #17  Cris Ingold

Closet second shot

Hole  #1  Stu Anderson

Hole #10  Kurt Blank

Fewest Putts

Todd Stutzman - 24

Doug Phelps - 26 (Draw with ties)


Net Skins

Gross Skins

Closest to the Pin

Hole  #4  Leo Zeggert

Hole  #8  Howard Hankey

Hole #13  Brian Berenz

Hole #17  Heath Olson

Closet second shot

Hole  #1  Larry McCune

Hole #10  Not paid out
Fewest Putts

Randy Kish 25

James Doak 26 (Draw with ties)

President's Horse Race

Jerry Arellano - 1st

Leo Zeggert - 2nd

Jeremy Moe, Dan Bradley tie for 3rd



Fees: $2,660.00
Club Contribution: $800.00
Totals: $3,460.00

1st Flight - (Field of 20)
Tripp, Zach 1st Place (Gross) $182.00
Zeggert, Leo 1st Place (Net) (Tie) $130.00
Brown, Kenneth 1st Place (Net) (Tie) $130.00
Tripp, Trae 3rd Place (Net) $52.00
Cavallaro, Scott 4th Place (Net) (Tie) $13.00
Berenz, Brian 4th Place (Net) (Tie) $13.00

2nd Flight - (Field of 24)
Doak, Billy 1st Place $225.00
Kish, Randy 2nd Place $156.00
Fast, Ric 3rd Place $106.25
Burroughs, Scott 4th Place $62.50
Flanagan, BJ 5th Place (Tie) $38.50
Stutzman, Todd 5th Place (Tie) $38.50

3rd Flight - (Field of 24)
Anderson, Andy 1st Place $225.00
Castillo, Victor 2nd Place $156.00
Ashley, Joe 3rd Place $106.25
Paque, Chip 4th Place (Tie) $53.25
Saari, Calvin 4th Place (Tie) $53.25
Doak, James 6th Place $31.25

4th Flight - (Field of 23)
Bennett, Bud 1st Place $216.00
Blank, Kurt 2nd Place $150.00
Anderson, Stu 3rd Place $96.00
Eisenhauer, James 4th Place (Tie) $51.00
Ovaitt, Nick 4th Place (Tie) $51.00
Bradley, Dan 6th Place $30.00

5th Flight - (Field of 22)
Gupta, Bim 1st Place $206.00
White, Barry 2nd Place $143.00
Warnecke, Keith 3rd Place $97.25
Christopher, Joe 4th Place $57.25
Michie, Keith 5th Place $40.25
Delhaie, Gene 6th Place (Tie) $10.00
Harbaugh Sr., Scott 6th Place (Tie) $10.00
Ford, Stephen 6th Place (Tie) $10.00

6th Flight - (Field of 20)
Arellano, Jerry 1st Place $198.00
McDowell, Thomas 2nd Place $151.00
Spainhour, Bob 3rd Place $94.00
Rohe, John 4th Place (Tie) $39.00
Moeder, Ron 4th Place (Tie) $39.00

Total Check: $3,460.50

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