President's Cup


May 22-23, 2021


Entry Fee: $24

Entry Opens: April 24

Entry Closes: May 16


Tournament Committee: George Verstaete (Chair), Bob Spainhour, Phil Trimble

The Rules of Golf as issued by the USGA govern play, along with Local Rules as applicable in the Club’s “Hard Card”.  See below for additional Conditions of Competition.  Violations are addressed by the Tournament Committee in cooperation with the Rules Committee.

This is a two-day, 36-hole Flighted Individual Gross and Net Stroke Play Tournament using 100% of Home Course Handicap. The Tournament Committee uses Golf Genius to determine Flights and daily pairings. Home Course Handicap is as of the date of tournament set up. The Tournament Committee makes every effort to create flights with the least amount of Handicap differential possible.

Tees to be utilized will be set by the committee based on the number of participants and flights.

The combined Low Gross score from Flight 1 determines the President’s Cup champion. Flight 1 pays first place Gross and first place Net, with the remainder of the payouts based on Net scores. All other Flight payouts are based on Net Scores.

A Sudden Death playoff will decide all ties for first place. Playoff holes are determined by the Tournament Committee based on course availability. Players are responsible for knowing the likelihood of a playoff possibility. Failure to be present for the playoff will result in relinquishing first place for second place. All other ties are co-winners and the place money is evenly split.

All scores are posted by the Committee for USGA Handicap purposes, with applicable Adjusted Gross Score applied.

Other Information:
Prior to the first tee, at the Registration Table, a voluntary $10.00 is collected from each player wishing to enter a flighted Net Skins game.  In addition, a voluntary $10.00 is collected from each player wishing to enter a Gross Over the Entire Field Skins game. If there is “No Skins Out” on Saturday, the skins money carries over to Sunday. In the event of “No Skins Out” on Sunday, the competition reverts to a Best Skins format on Sunday’s results only.

​Hole-in-One Pot – Active​             Eagle Pot – Active​            Ringer Pot – Active

Club Pace of Play and Lightning Policies are in Effect!

Tournament Payouts:
Closest to the Flagstick each day:  Holes #4, #8, #13 and #17 ​(Gift Cards are awarded.)

Closest 2nd shot to the Flagstick each day:  Holes #1 and #10 ​($25.00 cash is awarded.)

Least Putts each day (ties are broken by random drawing) ​($25.00 cash is awarded, 2 places.)

Individual Payout:  “Money on the Books”, using the Tournament Payout Schedule D for 1st Flight, all other Flights use Schedule A.  The number of participants in each flight determines places paid.

The President’s Cup Champion will have his name engraved on the plaque in the trophy case, and will receive an award at the Fall Banquet.

Saturday only:  Presidents Horse Race.
Prior to the first tee, at the Registration Table, a voluntary "win", "place", or "show" wager may be placed on the current or any of the past Presidents playing in the tournament. There will be a $2 minimum wager.  Results are determined by the total Net scores for Saturday's round.

Sunday only:  $500.00 Net Shootout.
Upon tournament completion and official posting of all flight winners, there will be, weather permitting, a six-hole elimination Shootout on the Championship course. Eligible competitors will be the first place Gross and first place Net winner from Flight one plus; the first and second place Net winners from remaining flights. Competitors will play from the same tees they played during competition, at 100% course handicap.

Note: Ties for second place participation are broken by scorecard playoff (USGA Rules of Golf).

The Shootout holes and competition rules are determined by the Tournament Committee based on course availability.

The Shootout pays four (4) places, in cash:
​Winner - $200​         

2nd place - $150​          

3rd place - $100           

​4th place - $50