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 2019 Payout Schedule
Tournament Payout Schedules            
Tournaments with One (1) First Place                                             Schedule A         

Tournaments with a Net Emphasis (Pays out 1st Net & 1st Gross, remainder at Net)   Schedule B   

Tournaments with a Gross Emphasis (Pays out 1st Gross & 1st Net, remainder at Gross)   Schedule C  

Tournaments pays out 1st Gross, remainder at Net   Schedule D 

Match Play Payouts   Schedule E 

Payout Procedure for any tournament bracket that is not filled:  If a tournament bracket is halfway or more between two brackets, then it will be paid out as if it is a full field.  If a bracket is less than halfway, then the payout is based on the smaller bracket size.

For example, the Partner Match Play is a 64-team field; if only 39 teams entered the tournament, the payout would be based on a 32-team bracket.

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