Match Play

2021 Season

Opens March 6

Entry Form

Committee: Leo Zeggert (Chairman), Bob Spainhour

The Rules of Golf as issued by the USGA govern play, along with Local Rules as applicable in the Club’s “Hard Card”.  See below for additional Conditions of Competition. Please note – the Rules and applicable penalties for Match Play often differ from Stroke Play. It is each player’s responsibility to know and play according to the Rules. Any disputes will be resolved by the Match Play Committee, assisted by the Rules Committee as necessary. Follow the Rules for the procedure in any situation and report to the Match Play Committee promptly.

Tournaments and Entries:  All players and teams are entered into brackets with their current USGA Handicap Index at the time of tournament closing, using the Golf Genius. Players with no Handicap Index at the time of tournament closing are entered with an Index of 0.0. All Handicap Brackets (individual and team/partner) are seeded by Golf Genius’ Random Draw methodology. All Scratch Brackets (Individual and Senior) are seeded by Handicap Index (Low vs. High) by Golf Genius.

Entry fee is $16.00 for each handicap tournament bracket and $20.00 for each scratch tournament bracket. The number of entries in each tournament is limited to the following:

Individual Handicap – 32 players  

Senior Individual Handicap – 32 players - Bracket full

Partners Handicap – 32 two-man teams 

Individual Scratch – 16 players  

Entries open on Saturday, March 6, 2021. Entries close when a tournament is full or 2 days prior to the first day of scheduled play for each tournament, whichever occurs first. Entries will be on a first come, first serve basis – lowest log number AND TIME. If a Tournament fills and a player gets shut out, the entry fee for the shut out Tournament is refunded. If a Tournament does not fill, the Committee may reduce that tournament to the next lower level of entries.

Handicaps:  All Individual Handicap matches are played at 100% of Course Handicap. Partner Handicap matches are played at 90% of Course Handicap. To calculate, see the postings at the Match Play board for guidelines and instructions. Scratch matches are played without handicaps applied.

Payouts & Trophies:  “Money on the Books”, using of the Club Payouts Match Play Schedule D, and also posted by the Match Play brackets. The number of participants in each flight determines places paid. Trophies will also be awarded to all Champions at the Fall Banquet.

Conditions of Competition:  A stipulated round is 18 holes, played consecutively and on the same day. Failure to do so is disqualification.  Although a “stipulated round” can be played anywhere, the Match Play committee sets the following tee boxes for rounds played at the foothills as:  Individual Scratch BLACK tees; Individual Handicap, Partner Handicap, Senior Scratch, and Senior Handicap, BLUE tees; Master Senior Handicap WHITE tees.  Additionally, per USGA rules, you cannot mix medal (stroke) and match play, meaning you can't play a match with an opponent concurrently while playing in a medal (stroke) play event. 

Course Handicaps & Score Cards:  In all Individual Handicap and Partner Handicap matches it is the responsibility of each player to obtain his Course Handicap from the computer for the tees being played from and record the Handicap number next to his name. Wheeling is required for all Handicapped Matches!

Partners Handicap matches:  The players shall convert their Course Handicap to 90% allowed for in the match by using the USGA conversion chart posted by the Match Play Committee on the match play wall. After the Handicaps have been established, you will then wheel off of the lowest Handicap in the group. (This means the lowest handicap player will play to a zero Handicap, the rest of the players will then play to the difference between their Handicap and the lowest Handicap.) On the scorecard mark your “dots” on all the appropriate holes before play begins. See the example sheet posted on the Match Play board.

Any unfinished holes are to be scored as a net bogey. The scorecard needs to be signed, dated, with tees played, and winner/winning team identified.  Scorecards are to be deposited in the clubhouse dropbox, and winners name updated on the appropriate bracket posting sheet. Failure to comply with these instructions is grounds for disqualification. 

NOTE: The Match Play Committee will adjust scores for any players feeling the need to “help” their Handicap.

Partners Handicap Scoring:  Scoring for the Partners Handicap matches shall use a Two-Point Scoring System. There are two (2) points available on each hole: a “low” point and a “high” point. At the conclusion of each hole, match the lowest net scores of each team against each other and the lowest score wins one point. Then, match the highest net scores of each team against each other and the lowest score wins one point. A match is over when a team has more points than there are possible points remaining.

Ties:  There are no ties in Match Play. Matches simply go to extra holes, however many it takes.  If a match is “all square” at the end of 18 holes, first and foremost players must check with the Foothills Pro Shop and/or Starter before continuing a match on hole #1 or hole #10 (whichever is available).

Un-Played Matches Policy:  At the end of each Tournament Match Play round (partners and singles) for any matches that were not played, the scheduled participants will have an opportunity to present their case on why they should go forward and not their opponent(s). 

The policy for deciding un-played matches is:  At the closing of any round (see schedule), the Match Play Committee will convene a three-man panel* to decide who goes forward in all un-played matches.  Before this panel both sides of each un-played match may present their reason(s) why he/they should go forward and not the other, and should not be decided by a coin flip (i.e.: I/We made all the calls and he/they did not return any calls or did not respond to any of the voice mails, emails, etc.).

  • If neither side attends, both sides are disqualified and the next opponent gets a “bye”. 

  • If one side shows up and not the other, the absent side forfeits the match. 

  • If both sides show up, the panel will hear both arguments, then decide whose case is better and that side will go on. 

  • If both cases are decided as equal, then, and only then, there’s a coin flip.


* All Tuesday evening panel meetings and hearings are in the Grill at Foothills GC, at 7:00 PM SHARP!!!

2021 Match Play Schedule